Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekly Menu - Feb 21 2011

I'm planning our weekly dinner menu on this blog, my blog about homely things. Hopefully this will get me more organised about buying groceries, cooking, and bringing a packed lunch to work.

Two of my planned meals are from Nigella's Kitchen book which I have and love. It's full of quick, easy recipes ideal for a weeknight or busy weekend. I like browsing through cookbooks when I'm chilling out, but you can find the most of the recipes in the book online.

Cajun chicken pasta: this pasta is amazing and easy to do. I use a mix of generic cajun seasoning and the Habanero Cajun Seasoning From Hell.

Takeaway night

Nigella's Lone Linguine with white truffle oil: James will be in Oxford on Wednesday for a Mogwai gig, so I'll be cooking a lonesome mushroom-based dinner for me. I'm making Nigella'a truffle oil pasta, but I plan on mixing it with some mushroom pate as well, as I'll be going to a one-day course instead on museum tours near King's Cross and can pick up the pate on my way home. The Pate Moi pate is brilliant but hard to get. You can get it from Selfridges, a deli in King's Cross/St. Pancras station, and Borough Market on Saturdays. Be warned that it sells out really quickly from their Borough Market stall.

Quick tom-yam prawn stir-fry noodles.

Chinese 'Claypot' chicken rice casserole: Amazing casserole! So so easy, and one of our favourites. I make a few adjustments: I cook it without the chinese sausage, and with oyster sauce instead. I also use chopped ginger instead of grated ginger (because it's easier, and bits of ginger get stuck to my grater and make it more difficult to clean). I serve it with cut bird's eye chilli (or any other hot chilli).
Crunchy shallots

Going out.

Lamb with redcurrant and clementines
Sweet potato mash
Green beans
Apple crumble


  1. It sounds great but as a former London takeaway-addict what will you be taking away on Tuesday?