Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday night cajun chicken pasta

Cajun Chicken Pasta: result!

I did make the cajun chicken pasta from the Pioneer Woman website yesterday with slight modifications. I left out the white wine and used a cup of chicken stock (from cube). I also used a cup of single cream instead of 'thick cream' as we had some left over from a fruit salad, and simmered the sauce for longer.
I'm not sure what thick cream is, but I believe single cream is equivalent to the American half and half.
I replaced the cube roma tomatoes with cherry tomatoes and cooked them until their skins began to break and they got a bit squishy. Squished. Also used two different pasta - the last of the fussili and some spaghetti. I also used lots of cajun spice. Lots. You want to watch out for that cajun spice from hell.
Didn't do much after that, we watched Blossom on the YouTube. There's not really any other way to get hold of Blossom episodes beyond season one due to music licensing issues - unless you can get hold of old videotapes.

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