Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Oilcloth Journey

I've been on the hunt for a new tablecloth for a while, first to replace the one that came with the house (a stained, yellowish oilcloth), and then to replace its replacement, something on sale from Argos. It was too big, cotton and hence not wipeable, and not bright blue enough.

My oilcloth journey brought me to many wonderful sites selling wipeable cloth: Just Wipe has a wide oilcloth selection, including the classic leaf-collage-with-writing, printed food-and-drink names, and small Cath-Kidston like prints; Cath Kidston is surprisingly not that expensive in the oilcloth world; and Greengate has a 'lifestyle'. Oilcloth is unexpectedly expensive and seems to cost at least £16 for a 1.2mx1.2m square. I was going to go with a vintage/rustic pattern, like a spotty print in dusty moss green, or a faded gingham check, but then I discovered something so much more exciting than regular oilcloth: Mexican Oilcloth (except the lace designs, which look kind of boring).

Then I ordered this:

It will be a bright pop of colour in the corner of the kitchen. A kitchen with all the colours of Mexico (which, I imagine, are principally brick red, yellow, and bright blue).

Also, a bright rose pink.

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