Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Very Special Episode

I didn't make my claypot chicken casserole yesterday and we had takeaway instead, but for a very good reason: a little friend followed me in yesterday, and wouldn't leave.

People can't do this type of thing. You wouldn't let a strange person follow you into the house, very quietly, go up to your flat, and wander around looking at things, completely ignoring you. Then sleep on your couch.

We tried to get him to go home, but it was kinda cold outside and we keep a warm flat, and he wouldn't leave. We tried guiding him, showing him the way out, etc. and also tried ignoring him. He'd follow us to the door, but not out. So I went and got him some kitty litter and catfood.

I've seen him around a couple of times, Visitor Cat, mostly in the early morning while I'm waiting for the bus, trying to get to work. I see him walking across the road, in what I've always assumed is the 'Home' direction. Sometimes the local fox is walking the opposite way, towards the park, where I suspect he lives. The fox roams around at night. I think he goes through your rubbish when you're asleep, looking for food to recycle.

The best thing about this cat is, he doesn't meow. He purrs, and makes a sound like: 'ack'. He responds to 'ack'. He says it back.

I wish I had a cat. I love him so, but he must go home, I'm sure his people are worried about him. If he won't leave again today, we'll probably have to put his picture up around the neighbourhood.

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  1. Yulechka doesn't meow either. I always tell her not to, because meowing is common.