Sunday, 15 August 2010


On Sundays I volunteer at the Horniman Museum which is about a fifteen minute walk away. Most of the time I do the trolley, Wildlife Garden or the Nature Base where you mostly help children explore things there and so on. It's really lovely and cute. I'm temping at the moment, doing admin work with a government agency, but hope to get a museum job. I like working with children, plants and artefacts more than adult people.

The Nature Base:

The museum has a zoo licence because of their aquarium. They keep some harvest mice and bees in the Nature Base.

the harvest mice are sweet


Children love these bees. They're free to come and go via a little tube that leads to the gardens outside to collect pollen and so on, they come back to hive in the museum. Their hive is between two panels of glass.

The rest of the Nature Base is mostly taxidermised animals. The fox is always popular and a bit tatty now, the badger has held up much better. He has more bristly hair and isAdd Image a bit higher up where small children can't get to him quite so easily.

The other popular activity is colouring! Resulting in some very cute pictures:


SRL VS WLF: let the battle begin


I like to think of this as a more abstract representation, a sketch of the essence of what makes a sheep, rather than their corporeal form.


A 'Theodore'


A Fox


A Bee


Sometimes, mice aren't so cute. Sometimes they're a spooky face at your window.


A badger in all his sneaky glory.

It is also my birthday, I'm 25.

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