Saturday, 14 August 2010

Barcelona + Mama Bear

Went to Barcelona

and had tiny strawberries

and seafood.

It was my mama's birthday. I got together a little package of lovely things and also made her a bear:

I sew small animals. The best thing about them is that they're cute and forgiving. Wonky stitches add charm. That's what I think.

I got the bear pattern from The Cute Book and since then have made my own little animal patterns. I'm trying to learn crochet in order to eventually make amigurumi but it isn't as easy as straightforward sewing. There seems to be a technique I must accomplish before I can crochet a small ball with eyes, let alone a Moomin. It probably involves common sense and manual dexterity, neither of which I have.

But I have bought the book, and the crochet needles and pink ball of yarn, and I must persevere. There is an ultimate goal here of crocheting a small alternate universe. Possibly one that lives in the back of your closet, like Narnia but less creepy, or by your window like Bagpuss. A mundane yet magical world.

I went to a knitting and crafts meetup it was quite nice. I sewed a little giraffe but didn't finish it. They meet at the back of a cafe and knit.

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