Sunday, 13 November 2011

Veg box

We got a first 'veg box' delivery (picked and chose our own veg), and I've got to use up what we've got.

We have some oakleaf salad and vine tomatoes, so obviously a salad. I followed an excellent Nigel Slater recipe for maple syrup and lemon chicken last week, and I think I might do it again, with a salad and potato thing. I used chicken thighs instead of chicken wings and I thought it worked very well - I made slashes in the chicken so the marinade would seep in.

We got some red kuri squash, which I only really ordered because I had never had it before:

It's a squash that has a mild flavour, like chestnut. I roasted it and made a soup, with a can of coconut cream, garam masala, cumin, and 2 cups of stock. My soup was too thick and there are no pictures of it.

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