Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fried noodles with tuna and peashoots

We're going to Holland for a holiday tomorrow, so today I wanted to cook something using up stuff in the fridge and with as few pans as possible. I decided to fry some noodles.

I peeled a large piece of ginger, six garlic cloves and five chillies. I used bird's eye chillies.

We had a tuna loin steak and I cut that up into chunks

I wanted a change from yellow egg noodles and got some 'lo mian' from the Chinese grocery shop in Peckham.

Chopped up the ginger-garlic-chilli base, and fried them in some oil.

Tuna chunks went in.

Then added drained noodles and lots of white pepper and some black pepper.

I then added a mixture of oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, and kicap manis, distributing the sauce evenly. Then I added some pea shoots and fried until wilted.

I served with a side of pea shoots.

Pea shoots are a versatile vegetable you sometimes see in a bag, in the salad section at the supermarket. They're good for salads and stir fries and have high levels of vitamins A and C. They taste good even on their own, just kind of crisp and fresh and we've eaten them straight out of the bag before. I like varying the food we eat, and since I don't see pea shoots around that, when I do I like to get them to have a different type of green leafy vegetable.

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  1. That is a hefty amount of ginger and garlic there.