Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Something amazing! Easy chicken strips with smoky chilli sauce.

I made something awesome for dinner. I call it: Easy chicken strips with smoky chilli sauce.


6 dried chillies, including smoky-type chillies.

1 tin chopped tomatoes.

3 boneless chicken breasts.


Ground cumin.
Ground coriander.
Ground black pepper.
Garlic powder.

3 cloves garlic.

(Vary seasonings according to taste.)

Chilli soak stage

First, boil some water and put in the dried chillies. I have a little dried chilli collection.

I used: 1 naga jolokia, 1 ancho poblano, 1 guajillo, 2 chipotle, 1 pasilla. As long as you use a few smoky type chillies it should be fine. Dried chipotle is smoky, and easy to find. I got many of my chillies from South Devon Chilli Farm, which has descriptions.

Turn the heat off and let the chillies soak in hot water while you do other things.

Chicken strip stage

Prepare a bowl of milk and a bowl of flour. Add salt, ground black pepper, and garlic powder to the flour and mix.

I used skinless boneless chicken breast, but I think it would be better with skin-on. Then you'll get the crispy skin. It's the best bit!

Cut the chicken into strips.

Dip the strips into the milk bowl followed by the flour bowl, then fry until crispy and cooked through. Drain chicken strips on a plate lined with kitchen roll.

Carb stage

We had rice, so at this stage I cooked the rice in the rice cooker. Prepare the carb of your choice.

Sauce stage

Blend the soaked chillies (stems removed, and de-seeded if you want) with a little bit of the chilli water and three cloves of garlic.

Heat some oil in a pan.

Add chilli mixture to the pan.

Add your seasonings: oregano, ground cumin, and ground coriander. I shook the bottles until I was satisfied. I used about a teaspoon of each, but I put more oregano in because I like it.

Fry until fragrant.

Add a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Add salt and sugar. I used sea salt and demerara sugar.

Mix thoroughly. Simmer for a while. Taste. Adjust seasonings.

At this point, the rice/etc. should be ready as well.

Rice + Chicken + Chilli sauce.

Leftovers. I will have them in a sandwich for lunch tomorrow. So many things can be done with it! Like potato waffles!

I'm very pleased with my attempt at chicken strips, and I'll do them again, with different sauces. I'll do skin-on chicken next time, with potato waffles/

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  1. Om nom nom. Might try this during the holidays.